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Fastest Gunshot Reporting Product

How it Works

The Guardian Active Shooter System detects gunshots immediately using both audio and infrared sensors, confirmed within one second.
Building occupants, first responders and occupants are notified of the emergency situation and lockdown protocols are initiated within the next 4 seconds. Live surveillance footage following the shots is displayed to ensure an accurate description of the shooters with their locations highlighted on a digital map in real time
Critical information can be relayed to building occupants using digital radios and mass notification systems to ensure control and safety as quickly as possible. Shot location data is used to predetermine appropriate messaging.

Immediate shot detection and alerts to building occupants and first responders

If an active shooter event takes place, it is imperative that the situation is quickly identified and communicated to emergency personnel and building occupants.

Hoosier Security provides gunshot detection systems that process all gunshot data within the sensor, removing the need for human interpretation or intervention and saving time when seconds matter most. When a shot is detected, the active shooter detection system instantly alerts users to the location of shots on a mapping interface and simultaneously sends this information by SMS text message, email and via other third-party alert systems. In an emergency, critical information is immediately relayed to building occupants and emergency personnel so that proper steps can be taken to control the situation as quickly as possible.

5 – 7 Minutes:

Average length of an active shooter incident

5-15 Seconds:

An average of one death occurs every 5-15 seconds during an active shooter incident

Immediate Detection

Our system immediately detects gunshots and simultaneously alerts first responders within one second.
Our gunshot detection systems are certified for superior performance by U.S. and U.K. government authorities. Our strong partnerships with the industry’s leading technology providers, performance certifications, and network of certified installers offer you a built-in support system you can trust.

The Detection System

Product Highlights

  • SAFETY Act Certified by DHS
  • Dual Factor Authentication - Zero False Alerts
  • Fastest gunshot reporting product in the marketplace - Under one second
  • Floor plan map of facility with instant shot location information
  • Easily integrated into any network using standard Power-Over-Ethernet
  • Requires extremely low network bandwidth - <1-watt power draw
  • Fits into standard 4-inch electrical box
  • Flush mounted in a ceiling or wall; Surface mount for concrete/brick structures
  • Features simulation and training modes

  • A Critical Component in Active Shooter Response

    • WHAT is it? Loud noise vs. gunshot
    • WHEN was the first shot? Timeline
    • WHERE is the shooter? Location / Movement
    • WHO is the shooter? Visual Description
    • HOW many shooters? Coord attack or Lone Wolf?

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    Who is Hoosier Security

    Hoosier Security, an Indianapolis-based security firm has signed an authorized dealer agreement with Shooter Detection Systems LLC (SDS), a certified and accredited gunshot detection provider. Hoosier Security is now one of the few local, independent security companies to offer shooter detection software.